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Cilla Vee
Dance and Dance video – Asheville, NC USA
Cilla Vee Life Arts 

During the year 2021, as the global community struggles to realign itself in the wreckage of pandemic, the REALIGNMENTS project seeks to promote restoration and renewal for all.

Drawing on the seasonal alignments of our planet Earth in relationship to the sun at the significant points of Equinox and Solstice, we create music and dance that presents an opportunity to realign ourselves.

RENEWAL Spring Equinox
RESPLENDENTSummer Solstice
RESTORATION Autumn Equinox
REFLECTIONWinter Solstice

At each quarter of the year, performance artist Cilla Vee (based in Asheville, NC USA) creates a dance video piece, while healing music artist Debbie Danbrook (based in Toronto, Canada) creates music in response and unites all the elements into a complete video piece. Each artist also works with local collaborators —Cilla Vee working with four different female video artists and Debbie with her studio associates. Each piece is 12 minutes long. The complete project is a 48-minute work.

Throughout history, different factions of humanity have observed collective festivals, celebrations and holy days, individuals their birthdays and personal anniversaries. Yet, these four seasonal realignments of the planet we share are something common to all of us.

REALIGNMENTS project blog:


Renewal is a joyful yet gentle meditation, a soft awakening from winter. The Spring Fairy carries the anticipation of new life, running and spinning through the raindrops of the forest, calling the trees from their dormant state and strengthening the heartbeat of the earth. Earth responds by blooming with spring colors – the first flowers of the year.

March 2021
shot on location at Richmond Hill Park, Asheville, NC USA

video concept, direction and performance - Cilla Vee

video artist, camera and edit - Martha Skinner

music and soundscape - Debbie Danbrook with Chris Gartner

sound engineer - Steve Raiman

RENEWAL video link:

About the Artists: 

Debbie Danbrook is a musician, composer and recording artist specializing in music for meditation, relaxation and healing. She is a Master player of the Shakuhachi flute, an ancient Japanese instrument that was originally played by monks as a type of Zen called 'Suizen' or blowing Zen. Debbie is the first woman to have mastered this difficult instrument and weaves the Shakuhachi together with her voice in her ethereal music.
Her music has been embraced by healers and spiritual practitioners around the globe. She has released over 20 CD's of music through her company Healing Music.
She has performed internationally and played at EXPO in Japan and has played for the Japanese Prince and Princess. Debbie was invited to offer her healing music at the Genocide Memorial in Rwanda.
Debbie offers: Music Meditations for individuals and groups. Mantra Sessions - create your own, personal life Mantra. Clearing and Inviting in Light Ceremonies for homes and work places. Now available on line on Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp.
Debbie is an ordained Reverend and Priestess and performs Memorials and Celebration of Life ceremonies.
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Healing Music also offers a Sleep Program to help listeners get a deeper and more beneficial sleep.

Cilla Vee is the artist moniker of Claire Elizabeth Barratt, an international inter-disciplinary artist with a performing arts background. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts  – an arts organization with a focus on cross-media collaboration. Her work utilizes artistic disciplines of dance, movement, music, sound, text, media, visual arts, installation and performative action.
Claire received her professional training in London at The Laban Centre For Movement and Dance and at the London Studio Centre For Performing Arts. Her pre-professional training includes the Royal Academy of Dance and the Royal Schools of Music examinations.
She also served an apprenticeship with the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation in New York and was a Co-Founding director of Circle Modern Dance in Knoxville, TN.
She is the creator of the Living Art pedagogy for performance, accredited by Plymouth University through her MFA degree with the Transart Institute for Creative Research.
She has received a number of awards, including project sponsorship from JP Morgan Chase, NYSCA and the NEA.
Claire now uses Asheville NC as her home base and tours frequently to connect and collaborate with a variety of international artists. #cillaveelifearts
“My work as an artist blurs boundaries and crosses categories. Re-defining the traditional concepts of a “piece” and challenging the conventions of performance, time, space and audience relationships.”


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